After a great career spent as a Manager in the Space Business, Alain Vaissiere moved successfully to the artistic domain. He is now a recognized artist installed in the south of France.

He is particularly keen to use technology in his work and he is always looking to new processes and materials to include them in his artwork.

Alain Vaissiere communicates his creative energy, inspiration and enthusiasm in his artistic work. He delivers a cocktail of colors, imagination, poetry and fun!
His quest is permanent: Give sense to images, give emotion and pleasure to those who will one day meet his work …

‘ART IS FUN & DREAM ‘ is his moto .

He makes extensive use of 3D creation and he got a wide international recognition in the area of 3D lenticular artworks. This technology offers a stunning 3D perspective and feeling.

The working themes for his most recent artworks refers to pop art and cartoon culture as well as science fiction.

Alain Vaissiere is referenced as a permanent artist in a lot of Galleries worldwide